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Pivoting Negativity into Positivity

Pivoting Negativity into Positivity

Pivoting Negativity into Positivity

Everyone feels negative emotions. They’re precious for self-reflection, and as a tool to gauge how closely aligned we are to our true nature – that divine guidance, higher self, or spiritual person destined to give and receive love.

Our negative emotions can do something else too. They can mire us in a quicksand of pain, guilt, shame and grief. We don’t want to close off the part of ourselves that feels, and we don’t want to in any way reduce our humanity or our capacity to empathize with others or feel sorrow and pain when tragedy strikes.

Still, we don’t want negativity to rule our lives, and we hope that there is light at the end of painful human experiences. To achieve this end, we must take a moment in self-reflection to analyze our feelings and why we’re experiencing them.

Pivoting negativity into positivity

Pivoting is the act of changing a negative emotion into a positive one, but can also be useful for analyzing intuitive nudges. There are four steps to pivoting, as coined by Esther and Jerry Hicks:

  1. Acknowledge your emotion or intuitive nudge as significant and meaningful, and ask yourself “Where is this coming from?” or “Why am I feeling this way?”
  2. Once you know where the feeling or emotion is coming from, ask yourself “What do I want?” or “What is the best possible outcome?”
  3. Next ask yourself “How can I make the necessary change?” or “What do I need to do right now to fix this?”
  4. Take action immediately.

By acknowledging our emotions as normal, valid, and important, we allow ourselves to feel them without shame or guilt. Especially when it comes to depression, guilt, or worry – often we hide our emotions because we fear judgment for them. The truth is that EVERYONE experiences these feelings. As Matchbox 20 famously sung – everyone has “shades of shame.” Giving yourself permission to feel is the first step in recovery. Pivoting negativity into positivity can be accomplished by anyone; all they have to do is start questioning.

Questioning magic

You are your own best therapist! Asking yourself questions is an effective way to get answers tailored to you, your situation, and your best interest. No one has your best interest in mind as well as you do, and no one knows what you want more than you do. Your mind is trying to tell you something – just as your body is sending clear messages when you’re nauseated, tired, or brain foggy. Negative feelings are a sign that something is wrong. Don’t ignore them, ask your higher self what’s going on!

I prefer to do all of this on paper. Journaling is such a good way to actualizing feelings and thoughts from our subconscious. Just the act of writing down our dreams and goals increases the chance that we will achieve them. Journaling is extremely useful for relieving hurt and pain as well – so get that pen out!

My recent pivoting experience

This very morning I was in my kitchen getting ready to make coffee. I was enjoying the peace and quiet when I suddenly was struck with a feeling of absolute terror for my 8-year-old daughter, Amelie. I rushed to the girl’s room to check on her, and stood there listening to her breathing for awhile. After a few moments, I asked myself “Where did that come from?” and “Why am I feeling so frightened for her?”

It was just moments, before I remembered that she had gotten a container of water balloons as a prize from her grandmother for doing some school work at her home (I home educate, and grandma – a retired school teacher – adds a bit more when she visits with the girls). Unfortunately, the container for the water balloons had no label. After a bit of research, I found that these tiny, thin balloons are meant only for water play, and that children can inhale the balloons into their windpipe if they attempt to blow them up.

While I do try hard not to be a helicopter parent, I also listen to safety recommendations. I maintain a balance between freedom and security for my children. It’s important that they explore and discover their world, but equally inappropriate for them to be doing it with flamethrowers!

I asked myself “What do I want?”.  I want my children to feel loved and safe and to be free to play and have fun. I also asked myself “How can I alleviate this concern?”. My inner guide gave me the answer, which to you may be obvious: Fill those balloons with water and play; which is exactly how we spent our afternoon.

It’s your turn…

The next time you’re struggling with a negative emotion, or when your intuition pops up with a warning: take it seriously. Ask yourself these questions to determine not only where the feeling is coming from, but also what you can do about it. Take massive action immediately.

This simple four-step method is the best way to pivot your mood from negative to positive, acknowledge messages from your higher self, and live according to your natural divine inspiration. You deserve nothing less.

Share your experiences, if you are willing, via a comment below. I’d love to know if this process works as well for you as it does for me.

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Positivity comes easy when you pivot


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