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The ONE Habit Every Woman Should Develop

You 2.0

What is the ONE Habit Every Woman Should Develop?

I’ve learned an awe-inspiring secret. I learned to develop a habit that has transformed my life in extraordinary ways. I’ve lost weight, become a better communicator, enhanced my marriage and learned many new skills. The best part is this habit is available to everyone, and I feel is absolutely essential for today’s woman. So what is the ONE habit every woman should develop? Personal transformation.


Live the life of your dreams

Have you ever seen a woman who looks flawless, carries herself with confidence and grace, lives a life of wild abandon and endless bucket list accomplishments, and who seems to have everything going for her? Have you ever felt like that kind of life is impossible for you?

You’re wrong.

Every woman has within her the ability to transform herself. You are like a mountain stream, powerful enough to carve huge fissures in the Earth, and gentle enough for the smallest honeybee to settle in and take a sip. The key to changing your life, to changing anything in your life, is Kaizen.

Every woman has within her the ability to transform herself.Tweet: Every woman has within her the ability to transform herself. #UnleashJoy #Coach

How Kaizen can make dreams come true

Kaizen is the Japanese concept of constant and never-ending improvement. These are small, incremental changes that anyone can make to be just a little bit better than they were the day before. It’s overwhelming to take on the perfect diet, the most effective exercise routine, develop the best educational program for each of your children, and become the perfect Stepford Wife (eww) for your husband.

Instead, we adopt small changes and tiny habits that can make us better. Ming Na Wen of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fame once said that she does squats and lunges in the kitchen when no one is looking. BJ Fogg, Ph.D.of advocates choosing three small habits and working with them over the course of 5 days. Some great examples are flossing one tooth every night before going to bed, kissing your husband once per day, or pulling one weed in your garden. These aren’t massive changes, but they add up quickly…and come on, who flosses ONE tooth?

By implementing tiny changes, celebrating every single little win, and adopting a lifestyle of improvement, your life can become continually transformative. You’ll find that the person you are today is much different from the person you were a year ago.

Upgrades, baby!

The one habit every woman should develop? It’s personal development.  It doesn’t have to be a profound undertaking, and you don’t have to suffer from “Woe is me, I quit my resolutions!” syndrome either. Start small, work on tiny habitual changes instead of in broad strokes. Imagine a painter creating a masterpiece using the smallest brush possible. The artist takes her time, working inch by inch to create a gorgeous work of art. It was already there, present in her mind’s eye, and she’s only revealing it on the canvas. You are that masterpiece.

Stepping into a chrysalis that you create yourself, giving yourself the motivation, love, and grace to work through your imperfections, and stepping out the other side anew, is one of the most self-loving actions women can take.
We deserve to work toward the version of ourselves we want to be. Without judgment. Without guilt or shame over past mistakes or who we used to be. And most especially, without wanting to be anyone else.
Just me, better. Me 2.0.

Me 2.0.

I want to know what tiny habits you’re working on! Maybe I’ll join you! Comment below with your three tiny habits you’re going to implement in the next week.