Pivoting Negativity into Positivity

Pivoting Negativity into Positivity


Everyone feels negative emotions. They’re precious for self-reflection, and as a tool to gauge how closely aligned we are to our true nature – that divine guidance, higher self, or spiritual person destined to give and receive love. Our…

5 Steps to Hack Your Mindset


We are such impressionable creatures. Before age 6, you’ve already formulated a great deal of your opinions regarding the world around you, and about yourself. You’ve decided if you’re pretty, creative or a hard worker. You have learned about…

The ONE Habit Every Woman Should Develop

You 2.0

What is the ONE Habit Every Woman Should Develop? I’ve learned an awe-inspiring secret. I learned to develop a habit that has transformed my life in extraordinary ways. I’ve lost weight, become a better communicator, enhanced my marriage and…

Kicking Yourself When You're UP

Kicking Yourself When You’re UP

Self Confidence

Have you ever fallen behind? You’ve been sick in bed for a week, recovering from surgery, or just gone camping and returned home to mountains of laundry and dirty dishes. Then, you get started on all the damage control,…