Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

Put Your Oxygen Mask On First


Have you ever taken a trip on an airplane? If so, you’ve likely heard the schpeal that the steward gives just before take-off, advising parents to put their oxygen masks on BEFORE putting masks on their children. Now imagine…

Pivoting Negativity into Positivity

Pivoting Negativity into Positivity


Everyone feels negative emotions. They’re precious for self-reflection, and as a tool to gauge how closely aligned we are to our true nature – that divine guidance, higher self, or spiritual person destined to give and receive love. Our…

5 Steps to Hack Your Mindset


We are such impressionable creatures. Before age 6, you’ve already formulated a great deal of your opinions regarding the world around you, and about yourself. You’ve decided if you’re pretty, creative or a hard worker. You have learned about…

The ONE Habit Every Woman Should Develop

You 2.0

What is the ONE Habit Every Woman Should Develop? I’ve learned an awe-inspiring secret. I learned to develop a habit that has transformed my life in extraordinary ways. I’ve lost weight, become a better communicator, enhanced my marriage and…

Kicking Yourself When You're UP

Kicking Yourself When You’re UP

Self Confidence

Have you ever fallen behind? You’ve been sick in bed for a week, recovering from surgery, or just gone camping and returned home to mountains of laundry and dirty dishes. Then, you get started on all the damage control,…